Application for Building Permit

Voter Registration Application

The Application for Voter Registration changes periodically so it is best to go to the Government Accountability website and download the form directly from there. An individual may pull up the latest registration form, check on the location of their polling site, look at their past elections they voted at, etc. Click here for information on how to register to vote.

Dog Owners

All dogs, 5 months of age or older, must be licensed through the Town Treasurer.

*Fee is $10.00 each for male or female, $5.00 each for neutered or spayed, and $40.00 for Kennels of up to 12 dogs. To issue a license, a copy of the RABIES CERTIFICATE must be sent with payment. This certificate can be obtained from your veterinarian. The appropriate license fee may be added to the first tax payment or sent individually to the Town Treasurer if after tax season.

ATTENTION: The Dunn County Sheriff’s Department is cracking down on unlicensed dogs. Some township residents were fined for not obtaining a dog license.


Driveway Permits are required by Town of Spring Brook.

*Cost is $100.00 and is submitted to the Town Clerk following approval by a town board member. If a culvert is required, it must meet Wisconsin Department of Transportation standards. Failure to get a driveway permit will result in a fine double the amount of the permit.

Building Permits are required by Town of Spring Book and submitted to the Town Clerk.

*Cost is $25.00 for any construction (other than new home construction) or remodeling valued at $2,000 or more [including labor]. Failure to get this building permit will result in a fine double the amount of the permit.

*Cost is $50.00 for new home construction. Failure to get new home permit will result in $1,000.00 fine per family unit.

Burning Permits are not issued by the Town Board. If you plan to burn, you must call the fire department that serves your property and also call Dunn County Dispatch. Please be aware of what is allowed to burn, and stay informed of possible burning bans. Phone numbers are as follows:

Elk Mound Fire District 715-879-5432
(EMFD: leave info on recorded message.)
Menomonie Fire District 715-232-2414
Dunn County Dispatch 715-232-1348